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The Crypt Sessions: Quartet for the End of Time at Church of the Intercession

The first concert of the Fourth Season of The Crypt Sessions is Messiaen’s towering, otherworldly Quartet for the End of Time, performed by an insanely luxury-cast ensemble of Stefan Jackiw (violin), Jay Campbell (cello), Orion Weiss (piano) and Yoonah Kim (clarinet). Tickets will go on sale January 3.

Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time was composed in a Nazi prison camp, where it was premiered in the pouring rain by starving inmates playing on broken instruments. To this day, it stands as one of the most utterly profound and transcendent meditations on mortality and eternity – music steeped in mystery, born out of a deep faith unshaken by the horrors surrounding it. It shows us a vision of immorality that lies in songs of the birds, the trills in the trees, shimmering rainbows, and a single cello line reaching toward the divine.

Each of the four performers – Stefan Jackiw, Jay Campbell, Orion Weiss and Yoonah Kim – could fill a concert hall on their own. But this classical supergroup will come together in the Crypt to pour their near-limitless musical talents into a single, unified expression of what it means to find beauty in the darkness