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Virtual ConEdison Family Day: Make Your Own Folding Star Banner

Celebrate American Independence Day (July 4th), a birthday, or honor someone you feel is a star in your life by making a simple and fun star banner with endless variations. Join Ms. Daniella on Zoom to learn how to make your own paper star decorations+.

Register here for FREE and have the following materials with you and ready to go on Saturday:

  • Square pieces of paper. The paper can be different types of paper and sizes, as long as it’s square! 6” x 6” squares are a good size to work with and produce big stars (Ex: newspaper, wrapping paper, Origami paper, cut up grocery store bags)

  • Twine or String for hanging stars

  • Hole punch or a strong pen to make holes in the stars

  • Optional materials: paint, markers, or other items to decorate your paper stars.