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Culture Hub: Alexa

A New Dance Narrative
Created by Ali Marconi, Roddy Kennedy, & Cassie Nordgren
The invisibility of technology is both amazing and tragic when you’re looking for new love in 2018. In this site-specific experience, Alexa takes an inside look at the relationships we deem “normal” today as virtual reality comes to life all around you. Who do you let in?

Culture Hub: The Hub Show

A variety show championing the homegrown artistic excellence of local uptown artists. Created by Richard Grunn as an indoor answer to our Back Porch Show, seekers of diversified amusements will be delighted and entertained by sensational sets of great variety, talent, and spirit at Culture Hub.

Acts may include: plays, music, magic, manuscripts, dance, circus, spoken word, song, poetry, rap, clown, combat, puppetry, performance art, burlesque, vaudeville, and comedy. Patrons never know what acts they will encounter, as set lists are kept in confidence to encourage discovery. Yet, our “Back Porch” audiences return time and again with eager anticipation to experience new and amazing local acts for an invigorating evening of uptown variety entertainment.

Culture Hub: Teen Night

The evening begins with a short circus show by youth performers. Then participants will take inspiration from the presentation to create circus themed abstract paintings. We will use multiple mediums. No previous painting experience needed! You will leave with an abstract painting you will be proud of!

FREE Pizza & Drinks! There will be a painting materials fee of $3 per person.

Fundamentals of Filmmaking Workshop

Learn essential techniques to add to your creative toolbox and up your filmmaking game. Through simple exercises you’ll learn fundamental storytelling methods, such as: getting what you want, misdirection, and the role of the audience. Taught by local cinematographer and filmmaker Joe Foley (Forbidden Cuba, Eggs and Soldiers, The High Wire, and Brief Reunion at the Inwood Film Festival).

Joe has been working as a Cinematographer for over two decades, shooting feature films, commercials, television, documentaries and music videos. His work has taken him across the world from Paris and London to Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Morocco, Cuba and Ghana. He received his BFA in Film from New York University and an MFA in Film from Columbia University. He has taught filmmaking and cinematography at NYU Singapore-Tisch Asia, Barnard College, The School of Visual Arts, Hunter College, The New School and University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

Open to beginners and above. Limited class size of 30. RSVP required (pay-what-you-can)