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Opening, “Women in the Heights: Creating for the Future” at Rio II Gallery

Through Mar. 31. NoMAA presents the opening of “Women in the Heights: Creating for the Future,” the 10th anniversary of the exhibition, curated by Andrea Arroyo. Closing, Artist Talk & Workshop: March 31, 6-8pm. Gallery Hours: Monday–Friday, 10am–5pm and by special appointment.
Participating artists: Adalky Franchesca Capellán, Nadema Agard, Yael Ben-Zion, Leenda Bonilla, Susan N. Bresler, Lyndell Brookhouse-Gil, Lisbeth Checo, Gal Cohen, Destiny Corporan, Rose Deler, Maria Fernandez , Sally Fisher, Julann Gebbie, Lauren Gohara, Kat Gooch-Breault, Wilhelmina Grant, Josefina Hernandez, Maggie Hernandez, Selina Hernandez, Lilia Levin, Alison Loeb, Marne Lucas, Michele Michel, Patricia Miranda, Taeesha Muhammad, Eva Nikolova, Bonnie Phillips, Diana Schmertz, Elizabeth Starcevic, Yasuyo Tanaka, Joana Toro, Tamara Wasserman and Betty Capellan.
March is Women’s History Month and women around the world are leading the way to a better future for all. This year, we invite artists to submit works that reflect and inspire empowerment and change. The 10th anniversary of the Women in the Heights exhibition will be held in a historic year in the USA, with the upcoming Presidential Election and the celebration of the Centennial of Women’s Suffrage.