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Inwood Art Works’ MUSICAL STORYTIME: Moon River

Enjoy a musical storytime interlude by one of our favorite uptown musical families! Musical Storytime are short musical children’s stories sung by the delightful Stephanie Bell with accompaniment by the amazingly talented and tuneful Jonathan Bell, and co-starring the slightly hungry, mildly impressed, and ever so handsome, Walter Bell.

New stories premiere every Tuesday at 10am on Inwood Art Works Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

NOTE: Even if you miss this event live you can go to Inwood Art Works social media channels and view it at any time.

Arts ON AIR presents the Mostly Mozart Musicians String Quintet

Mostly Mozart Strings

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Arts ON AIR is greatly honored to present the Mostly Mozart Musicians!

The Mostly Mozart Festival is an American classical music festival based in New York City. The festival presents concerts with its resident ensemble, the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra, principally at David Geffen Hall of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Due to Covid the festival was cancelled this year, but the festival musicians still wish to share with audiences music from their repertoire through independent pop up performances. This concert is a presentation of Strings musicians of the orchestra and friends. 

Violins: Amy Kauffman, Laura Frautschi
Violas: Chihiro Allen, Jessica Troy
Cello: Ted Ackerman

To learn more about this group, visit:

As always, please consider donating to support and applaud this beautiful performance. We are grateful for all donations to the performers/creators of this show! You may donate via our PayPal Money Pool:  https://paypal.me/pools/c/8sUeCcKXgI, via Venmo: @artsonairnyc, or Google Pay: artsonairnyc@gmail.com

Arts ON AIR endeavors to bring back the opportunity of live performances safely to NYC-based artists and their audiences, as well as audiences around the world, during the time of Covid through outdoor rooftop productions and livestreaming. The creators of Arts ON AIR are Hudson Heights couple Derek Ratzenboeck and Temple Kemezis.

To watch and keep informed, interested audiences can subscribe to us on YouTube (Arts ON AIR NYC) and follow us on Instagram (Arts ON AIR), and they may also email us directly to be added to our Facebook event invite list: artsonairnyc@gmail.com 

2020 Higher Ground Festival: “Howl”

Howl: Contemporary dance and spoken word. Double Take Dance (Ashley Carter & Vanessa Martinez de Baños) and Zara Lawler.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpKmCAXt4vQ

…”I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by wedding
planners, dieting, in shapewear,…” DoubleTake Dance presents a dance choreography to the spoken word performance of Zara Lawler. Choreographed by Vanessa Martínez de Baños
and Ashley Carter, and using text from the poem “Howl” by Amy Newman, dance and poetry come together to form a voice. In a collaborative project, they will be fusing various art forms as a means to explore the obscure and obvious ways in which girls/women are denied experiences, and are limited in
the world (or how they are viewed by the world). “Howl” explores the oppression outcasted women endure in a male-dominated, patriarchal culture, and the entrapments of their socio-gender. The artists will play with the juxtaposition of masculine/feminine, notions of androgyny, and the interplay of cadence with
movement.We are excited to announce the 2020 Higher Ground Festival will be happening from Oct. 3rd – Oct. 17th, virtually, in collaboration with Arts ON AIR livestream. The festival will be livestreamed on Arts ON AIR’s YouTube (Arts ON AIR) and Instagram (Arts ON AIR) as well as HGF’s Instagram (Higher Ground Festival), later to be posted on the HGF YouTube. It will be promoted on these platforms as well as Facebook Event Pages per each performance. Higher Ground Festival brings Northern Manhattan artists together to network and create interdisciplinary collaborations that are presented free to the community. This will be HGF’s 5th as a notable arts festival in the upper Manhattan community. Presently all performances are slated for 5:30pm EST start time, however the time may adjust to 5:00pm as the days become shorter.