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Word Up-In Conversation with Nelly Rosario

John Paul Infante in conversation with Dominican-American novelist Nelly Rosario. John and Nelly will discuss Brooklyn, Santo Domingo, Texas State University, Engineering at MIT, Columbia University, Songs of the Water Saints, Fuckboys, #MeToo , The Words: “Dique,” “Pariguayo,” and “Tecato,” — or they might talk something completely different — join us to find out. P.S.: They will definitely discuss Sancocho. That much is certain.


Meet Miguel & Raymond: The Kings of Comedy in the Dominican Republic

Raymond and Miguel are two of the Dominican Republic’s most notable celebrities. From their humble beginnings as small-time comedians to becoming the Kings of Comedy, Raymond and Miguel’s influence has grown internationally. The most beloved comedians of the Dominican Republic, premiere Las vacaciones de los reyes, a comedy derived from the Dominican success La casa de veraneo, which will be premiered exclusively in the United States by Television Dominicana on Sunday, August 19 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.

Spanish Translation:
Raymond y Miguel son dos de las celebridades más importantes de la República Dominicana. Desde sus humildes comienzos como comediantes de poca monta hasta convertirse en los Reyes de la Comedia, la influencia de Raymond y Miguel ha crecido internacionalmente. Los comediantes más queridos de la República Dominicana estrena Las vacaciones de los reyes, una comedia derivada del éxito dominicano La casa de veraneo, que se estrenará exclusivamente en los Estados Unidos por Televisión Dominicana el domingo 19 de agosto a las 9p ET / 6p PT.