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Inwood Community Conversation : Climate Change & Health at Ellen Lurie School

Climate change can have serious impacts on the health of communities of color and low income, such as here in Inwood:

• Climate change is causing more heatwaves, which can lead to dehydration and hospitalizations.
• More intense storms and flooding can cause power outages, increase mold presence, and damage homes.
• Climate change amplifies air pollution, which worsens respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

WE ACT for Environmental Justice and New York State Senator Robert Jackson are co-hosting an Inwood community conversation to share information about how climate change affects health. We will provide a space to listen to people’s concerns, stories, and ideas. And we will invite volunteers to participate in future meetings to create a plan for addressing climate change and health issues. Together, we can compile important information about environmental health to better improve quality of life for Inwood. Lunch & Refreshments, Childcare & Activities, and Spanish-Language Interpretation will be provided. This site is accessible.