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Kids Wildlife Workshop with Bobby Horvath at J. Hood Wright Rec Center

Have you ever wanted to meet an eagle owl? Pet a fox? Hold a red-tailed hawk? Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with Northern Manhattan Parks’ wildlife. Join rehabilitator, Bobby Horvath, to meet some of the wildlife and learn about the work of Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation. Space is limited. RSVP is required on Eventbrite. Tickets are available on November 26.

This program was made possible through the support of the Fort Tryon Park Trust and the Greenacre Foundation.

Inwood Hill Park Nature Walk with Naturalist Ken Chaya

Join expert naturalist Ken Chaya and walk through Inwood Hill Park and Muscota Marsh. Explore the ancient forest and salt marsh, discover glacial markings & potholes, and learn about the local wildlife! Space is limited. RSVP is required. Register on Eventbrite. This program is supported by the Greenacre Foundation and the Fort Tryon Park Trust.

Fort Tryon Park Bird & Tree Walk

Join expert naturalist Gabriel Willow and bring your binoculars to Fort Tryon Park! The park is home to a diverse bird population, with 20 bird species that live here year-round and over 60 more that visit during certain seasons. In the winter, it is common to see some of our year-round residents such as the northern cardinal, northern mockingbird, and birds of prey like the red-tailed hawk. Bring binoculars. RSVP is required; Register on Eventbrite. Photo by Beth Bergman.