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Inwood Community Conversation : Climate Change & Health at Ellen Lurie School

Climate change can have serious impacts on the health of communities of color and low income, such as here in Inwood:

• Climate change is causing more heatwaves, which can lead to dehydration and hospitalizations.
• More intense storms and flooding can cause power outages, increase mold presence, and damage homes.
• Climate change amplifies air pollution, which worsens respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

WE ACT for Environmental Justice and New York State Senator Robert Jackson are co-hosting an Inwood community conversation to share information about how climate change affects health. We will provide a space to listen to people’s concerns, stories, and ideas. And we will invite volunteers to participate in future meetings to create a plan for addressing climate change and health issues. Together, we can compile important information about environmental health to better improve quality of life for Inwood. Lunch & Refreshments, Childcare & Activities, and Spanish-Language Interpretation will be provided. This site is accessible.

Fundraising Fundamentals Workshop: ‘Grantwriting Basics for Artists’ at Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center (SOLD OUT!)

Fundraising Fundamentals Workshops, presented by LMCC in partnership with Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA) and Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center.  For information regarding accessibility, please contact CreativeEngagement@lmcc.net or (212) 219-9401 ext 119. 

Grantwriting Basics for Artists, August 15, 2019 at 6:00 – 8:00 PM

This session will cover the common components of most grant proposals, providing tips, exercises, and examples to help make future proposals more effective. Artist Maria Michails will draw on her years of experience in fundraising, sharing examples of an artist bio and statement, project description, budget, and her approach to organizing and maintaining this integral part of her practice.

With introduction by Veronica Liu, Executive Director, Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria.

Coming next:

Work Samples Dos and Don’ts, August 29, 2019 at 6:00 – 8:00 PM



(Lit)eracy at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore

(Lit)eracy is a three-day reading program where students have the opportunity to fall in love with reading. We will focus on comprehension skills, learning how to visualize while reading, and making text to text connections. There will also be opportunities to discuss the book in a Socratic Circle format. These workshops take place in a bookstore so students will be able to “taste” many different genres ranging from young adult fiction to comic books!