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NoMAA: Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance

The Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA) is a non-profit arts service organization whose mission is to cultivate, support and promote the works of artists and arts organizations in northern Manhattan.

NoMAA’s story begins in 2006, when the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone recognized Northern Manhattan’s need for a more cohesive cultural community in which artists and arts organizations have the resources and support necessary to maximize their artistic, social, and economic potential. NoMAA obtained its official 501(c)3 status in 2007, and was incubated by the Hispanic Federation until becoming fully independent in 2011.

NoMAA facilitates the creation of new works by both emerging and established artists; strengthens the infrastructures of local arts organizations; encourages public dialogue, engagement, and collective reflection around issues that affect upper Manhattan’s cultural community; and fosters the region’s economic development and overall vibrancy.

Marjorie Eliot & Parlor Entertainment Present Sunday Afternoon Jazz Concerts

classical musicEvery Sunday! 3:30 PM

555 Edgecombe Avenue, 3F (Ring #107)

The 3:30 pm Sunday Concerts is a series of jazz concerts in Marjorie Elliot’s apartment which have taken place for the past 23 years.  Marjorie has now added Theatre-At-Six-Thirty, Plays Written by Marjorie Eliot at 6:30 pm. Continue reading Marjorie Eliot & Parlor Entertainment Present Sunday Afternoon Jazz Concerts