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Buunni Inwood: The Bean Trio of Annette A Aguilar & StringBeans

About the band:

Although members of this group have been playing with each other for over 20 years, The focus of this group happened during the pandemic when they started performing on the streets in Northern Manhattan for the community known as the Bodega Pop-Ups. The trio has recently recorded some original compositions, and the plan is to have that recording available at the end of the year. The members of this group have played with top Latin and jazz artists in the field, and the name-dropping is just too long. We look forward to seeing you at Buunni on February 24th.@aaabeans (ig)

About the Venue
Buunni Inwood is an independent neighborhood coffee shop that brews small-batch roasted Ethiopian coffee beans. Many of the coffees are certified fair trade and organic, while others are sourced from small farms that are committed to responsible practices. Our cafes are neighborhood hubs, hosting musical evenings, readings, book clubs, roundtables, and more. Come on in. Beer & wine available for purchase as well!

The Inwood Drum Workshop, the Inwood Descarga at Trinity Church Inwood

Annette A Aguilar Latin Jazz Brazilian Trio.
Annette A Aguilar returns for the Inwood descarga and drum workshop. This is our monthly presentation and sharing our music to our community.
Co-sponsored by Jazz Power Initiative
and presented by Women In Latin Jazz Festival
If you have a drum bring one! We will have some there!
There is a suggested $10.00 donation
See you there!