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Inwood NYPL Book Discussion: “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold” by John le Carré

Join us for a lively discussion of  John le Carré’s classic espionage novel The Spy Who Came in from the Cold.   In the shadow of the newly erected Berlin Wall, Alec Leamas watches as his last agent is shot dead by East German sentries. For Leamas, the head of Berlin Station, the Cold War is over. As he faces the prospect of retirement or worse—a desk job—Control offers him a unique opportunity for revenge. Assuming the guise of an embittered and dissolute ex-agent, Leamas is set up to trap Mundt, the deputy director of the East German Intelligence Service—with himself as the bait. In the background is George Smiley, ready to make the game play out just as Control wants.

Inwood Film Festival Saturday Program

Long ShortsWomen in the World, 1:05pm – 57 minutes, featuring: Manzana, The Hire Wire, Significant One, Parachute, What If…?  Long ShortsThis Land is Your Land,  2:35pm – 58 minutes, featuring: The Pleasure of Being Served, Day, Night Morning, Gentrification Express: Breaking Down the BQX, Mannahatta.  Idol Worship, 4:30pm – 48 minutes, plus special post-screening conversation with the filmmakers.  Short Shorts,  7:00pm – 40 minutes, featuring: The Race (Student Film), My Head, Horror in the Heights, Start Small Think Big, Hechas en Mexico, The 3rd Try, May 22, 2012.  This American Death, 8:15pm – 61 minutes; plus special post-screening conversation with the filmmakers.

Inwood Film Festival: Opening Night Benefit

Special presentation featuring: A History of “Hollywood” in Inwood, IFF Select Shorts, Filmmaker Interview with Brian Lehrer, delicious appetizers and beverages by Indian Road Café. $75 pre-purchase. $100 day-of, and at the door, if space permits.  Tickets are now on sale for Inwood Art Works‘ 3rd Annual Inwood Film Festival. All screenings have sold out for both previous festivals! Get your tickets while you can at https://2018inwoodfilmfestival.eventbrite.com

Jiggy Tots at Inwood NYPL

Jiggy Tots® is an Irish pre-dance and movement class developed for ages 2-5 with a participating adult. Each uniquely themed class works on building strength, developing gross motor skills, coordination, body awareness, and movement creativity through dance and educational games, utilizing counting and colors. (Sometimes including a few words in Irish language!) Upbeat traditional Irish music and songs, combined with popular toddler songs, clapping, stamping, and shakers are used to explore rhythm and a variety of time signatures.

Presented by Urban Stages