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Dyckman Farmhouse, Traveling Kitchen

As part of our partnership with Culture Pass at the New York Public library, DFM is offering a workshop about East African Chapati and Corn Flatbread! Fabiola Cáceres, our Director of Education, will highlight the cultural heritage of people who have inhabited Upper Manhattan throughout its history—the African and Lenape people. This program will be offered in Spanish.

Como parte de nuestra asociación con Culture Pass en la Biblioteca Pública de Nueva York, DFM ofrece una lección sobre El este de frica Chapati y el Pan Plano de Maíz! Fabiola Cáceres, nuestra Directora de Educación, destacará el patrimonio cultural de las personas que han habitado el Alto Manhattan a lo largo de su historia—el pueblo Africano y Lenape. Este programa se ofrecerá en español.

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Summer Arts Explorers

Summer is a time for exploration, growth, and lots of fun!

Summer Arts Explorers is a 7-week virtual experience for children ages 3 – 5 that provides an engaging environment for your child to explore and enjoy music, storytelling, drama, art, and ballet, with options to participate in one, some, or all of the electives.

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Summer in the Cloud

A digital summer of adventure will take place on July 6 – August 21 for kids ages 5 – 12!

Summer in the Cloud is designed for working parents in mind, giving campers opportunities for growth, independence, and lots of fun!

Some of the electives may include cooking, songwriting, theater, dance, fitness, digital comic design, media production, website design, video game composition, American Sign Language, and more!

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Inwood Art Works ON AIR

Meet the musicians, filmmakers, writers, theater makers, and artists of all stripes that make their home in what we call affectionately “Upstate Manhattan”.

The On Air podcast showcases film, stage, music, visual artists and writers from Inwood and neighboring communities. The programming consists of two featured segments: Artist Spotlight and Live N’ Local.

In Artist Spotlight segments we tell the stories of Inwood artists and creators recorded at beloved local haunts in the community. Hosted by Aaron Simms.

In Live N’ Local segments we interview Inwood musicians and provide an intimate platform to feature a live showcase of their work. Hosted by Aaron Simms and Jonathan Bell.