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Inwood Art Works ON AIR

Meet the musicians, filmmakers, writers, theater makers, and artists of all stripes that make their home in what we call affectionately “Upstate Manhattan”.

The On Air podcast showcases film, stage, music, visual artists and writers from Inwood and neighboring communities. The programming consists of two featured segments: Artist Spotlight and Live N’ Local.

In Artist Spotlight segments we tell the stories of Inwood artists and creators recorded at beloved local haunts in the community. Hosted by Aaron Simms.

In Live N’ Local segments we interview Inwood musicians and provide an intimate platform to feature a live showcase of their work. Hosted by Aaron Simms and Jonathan Bell.

Summer in the Cloud

A digital summer of adventure will take place on July 6 – August 21 for kids ages 5 – 12!

Summer in the Cloud is designed for working parents in mind, giving campers opportunities for growth, independence, and lots of fun!

Some of the electives may include cooking, songwriting, theater, dance, fitness, digital comic design, media production, website design, video game composition, American Sign Language, and more!

More Information:

Eric Vetter: No Name

Looking to connect with folks? Join comedian Eric Vetter:

So, what I’m doing is — I go Live on Facebook on my own page, Eric Vetter, and I talk to folks for a few mins, tell them we love them and miss them, then IN THE COMMENTS, we post clips of our guests doing what they really do. We also include info on the artists– social media, merchandise, where they can follow or support, even by donations.

After that, also in the Comments, we then declare it “The After-Party”, inviting folks to say hi, share music, jokes, cartoons, clips or themselves performing, or to even just say hi and share whatever’s on their minds, whatever they’re feeling.

NOTE: Even if you miss this event live you can go to Eric Vetter’s Facebook page and view it at any time.

MUSICAL STORYTIME: Over in the Meadow

Over in the Meadow

Enjoy a musical storytime interlude by one of our favorite uptown musical families!

Musical Storytime are short musical children’s stories sung by the delightful Stephanie Bell with accompaniment by the amazingly talented and tuneful Jonathan Bell, and co-starring the slightly hungry, mildly impressed, and ever so handsome, Walter Bell.

New stories premiere every Tuesday at 10am on Inwood Art Works Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

NOTE: Even if you miss this event live you can go to Inwood Art Works social media channels and view it at any time.

Friends of Inwood Hill Park Free Summer Programs: Nature Photography, SENIORS


Create compelling digital Nature photography. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of shooting techniques, and shot composition. No photography experience necessary!

Reserve your spot in advance by joining our mailing list. Email margaret.knoerzer@parks.nyc.gov to be added! Limited spots will be available to walk-ins, all photography classes are capped at 10 participants. All participants will be required to wear a mask and practice social distancing. All classes will meet at the Muscota Marsh.