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New Exhibit Opening: John Laudenslager’s `Landscape Transformations’ at Dyckman Farmhouse

Local Artist, John Laudenslager, will exhibit photographs from the area using mulitple methods of photo developement. Born in Philadelphia in 1943, he studied graphic arts, photography and painting in Philadelphia, Tokyo, Brooklyn and New York. He also studied Montessori Method School Teaching in Philadelphia and Bergamo and has taught at primary schools in Philadelphia, Tokyo and New Jersey. He has exhibited his works of photography, collages and author books in America, Japan and Italy.

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum tells the story of rural Northern Manhattan, a landscape and a lifestyle that disappeared in the transformation from farming community to urban neighborhood. Through the story of the Dyckman family and farm the museum explores life in early 19th century rural Manhattan and the preservation of that memory in the early 20th century. During the city period, 1915-1916, the neighborhood was transforming and the Dyckman sisters responded by saving the farmhouse and creating the museum.

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