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Dyckman Farmhouse Museum, Breaking the Winter Fast with Spring Greens

As part of the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum’s Earth Week events, Boscobel House and Gardens will be presenting on the Farmhouse’s Facebook. An early 19th Century American household would have used the harvest of their garden to feed the family during the long winter months. But preserved foods lacked the nutrients of fresh crops. The first green edible things of Spring were a real cause for celebration.

Join Boscobel’s Museum Educator Lisa DiMarzo and expert gardener Matthew Weigman in the Herb Garden as they find and prepare Ramps, the harbingers of the new growing season.

To this day traditional communities enjoy festivals centered around the Ramp or Wild Leek whose minerals and vitamins act as a tonic to put an end to ailments and boost health after long Winter months without fresh vegetables.