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Lost Inwood Video Vault: This is Inwood

A brief history of Inwood, Manhattan from the end of the ice ages to the present. The story includes: end of the ice ages, the Lenape culture, New Amsterdam, early uptown settlers, an uptown burial ground for the enslaved, the American Revolution in Inwood, the establishment of the Hamilton Free School at Broadway near 189th Street, early “commuters” and their lavish homes atop Inwood Hill, late 19th century institutions for tuberculosis patients, drug addicts and fallen women, arrival of the subway and the neighborhood’s transformation from rural to urban, the Dyckman Oval sports stadium, immigration, and the hopes and concerns of the diverse population.

Videos to premiere on IAW Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube at 7pm, and be available for viewing after.  Videos created by Don Rice. Lost Inwood is a collaboration between Don Rice and Cole Thompson.

MJM Virtual Parlor Chat: “Two Elizas in Old New York” with Professor Katherine Manthorne

“Two Elizas in Old New York: Eliza Greatorex Picturing Eliza Jumel’s Mansion” with Katherine Manthorne, Author and Professor of Art History, Graduate Center, City University of New York 

Responding to urban renewal following the Civil War, Eliza Greatorex made drawings of Manhattan’s disappearing landmarks and compiled them in her magisterial volume Old New York (1875). In this visual presentation, we follow the artist as she surveyed the island city, beginning at the Battery and culminating in her illustrations of the Morris Jumel Mansion. RESCHEDULED FROM MARCH.

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Respondiendo a la renovación urbana después de la Guerra Civil, Eliza Greatorex hizo dibujos de los puntos de referencia desaparecidos de Manhattan y los compiló en su volumen magistral Old New York (1875). En esta presentación visual, seguimos a la artista mientras inspeccionaba la ciudad isleña, comenzando en Battery y culminando con sus ilustraciones de la mansión Morris Jumel. REPROGRAMADO DE MARZO.

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Morris Jumel’s Virtual Commemoration of Washington’s 1790 Cabinet Dinner

Event commemorating President George Washington’s Cabinet Dinner held on the Mansion’s grounds on the second Sunday in July, 1790.

An afternoon exploring the meaning and significance of this historic gathering, featuring talks, conversation, music, and interactive demonstrations.

Tickets: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUrce2ppjkjGdJhJaBenyFqvNcAa36MRZPD?fbclid=IwAR0MOpWoDOfsyY4TB1Vd4Ekqlb-5M44Rxf2aFiMQPu-p5ojbbhhjbBTYxGQ


Lost Inwood Video Vault: Panoramas, Tubby Hook’s Boathouse Row (IAW)

The story of the canoe clubs below Dyckman St in NYC. Using vintage panoramic and aerial photographs we tell the story of the boathouses and canoe clubs which used to exist along the Hudson River shore at Tubby Hook, just below Dyckman Street in NYC. Starting as a fisherman’s camp, in the 1830s early residents built a wharf at the site.

In the 1900s as many as six recreational and competitive boating clubs lined the shoreline there, as well as a car ferry to New Jersey. Eventually fires destroyed several of the clubs. Today only one remains.

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NOTE: Even if you miss this event live you can go to Inwood Art Works social media channels and view it at any time.