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Washington Takes Manhattan: Felipe Galindo Feggo’s New York Discoveries’ at Morris Jumel Mansion

Until August 11, 2019

Over the past several decades NEW YORKER cartoonist Feggo has taken the viewer on an unexpected tour of this monumental metropolis from the vantage point of subjects like George Washington, Freda Kahlo, and Mesoamerican gods. The interaction between these historical subjects and the contemporary New York proves amusing and ironic. Washington, who during his tenure in New York during the American Revolution encamped at the Morris – Jumel Mansion, attempts to rationalize 21st century New York experiences, whereas Kahlo snaps selfies while engaging in general tourist activities, and a Toltec god takes a break from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and suns himself in Central Park.

Over 30 of these amusing and poignant images will fill the second-floor museum galleries, and serves to continue the dialog begun in the fall of 2017 when the work of iconic NEW YORKER cartoonist, Charles Addams explored similar Manhattan related themes. Light refreshments will be served. $15, $10 Members/Students.

MEDICINE WHEEL SERIES Exhibitions at Bruce’s Garden: Medicine Wheel #1–Asian Diaspora

“In Native America the Medicine Wheel (see image) represents many things but for my specific purpose, it represents the four sacred colors of humanity and it says in the Lakota language MITAKUYE OYASIN or WE ARE ALL RELATED and NOTE, each color is equally represented!  So it is in this spirit that I present the MEDICINE WHEEL SERIES of four exhibitions from May to October 2019 to honor the diverse beauty of humanity with image of work by artists of the Asian Diaspora, African Diaspora, European Diaspora and American DIaspora”–Nadema Agard/Winyan Luta/Red Woman, Curator, Gallery In The Gazebo, Bruce Reynolds Memorial Garden

Medicine Wheel #1: Asian Diaspora, May 1st to June 14th, Work by artists of Asia/Asian Ancestry

Medicine Wheel #2: African Diaspora, June 15th to July 31st,  Work by artists of Africa/African ancestry

Medicine Wheel #3: European Diaspora, August 1 to September 15th, Work by artists of Europe/European Ancestry

Medicine Wheel #4: American Diaspora, September 16th to October 31st, work by artists Indigenous to the Americas

Photo image: Mitakuye Oyasin/We Are All Related (2015) by Nadema Agard