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Buunni Inwood: The Bean Trio of Annette A Aguilar & StringBeans

About the band:

Although members of this group have been playing with each other for over 20 years, The focus of this group happened during the pandemic when they started performing on the streets in Northern Manhattan for the community known as the Bodega Pop-Ups. The trio has recently recorded some original compositions, and the plan is to have that recording available at the end of the year. The members of this group have played with top Latin and jazz artists in the field, and the name-dropping is just too long. We look forward to seeing you at Buunni on February 24th.@aaabeans (ig)

About the Venue
Buunni Inwood is an independent neighborhood coffee shop that brews small-batch roasted Ethiopian coffee beans. Many of the coffees are certified fair trade and organic, while others are sourced from small farms that are committed to responsible practices. Our cafes are neighborhood hubs, hosting musical evenings, readings, book clubs, roundtables, and more. Come on in. Beer & wine available for purchase as well!

Zena Group at Buunni Inwood Presents: STAGES

STAGES is modern day spin on the Greek Tragedies that helped invent theatre.

After losing their sister, Riley suffers from grief, however each stage of grief is embodied by a ghost from the past.

Niveka Hobaichan (playwright) aims to tell stories that will help the people suffering from the same struggles they’re going through heal. This performance of Stages is dedicated to their brother and their grandmother.

Dyckman Farmhouse – Common Grounds: Inwood Edition

Tuesday, January 30th

at Buunni Coffee Inwood

RSVP here

Join us at Buunni Coffee Inwood for a night of community, conversation, and prizes! In the last program of the series, we will discuss what makes up a community and the future of Inwood.

You will also have the opportunity to collect tickets throughout the evening, which can be exchanged for exciting prizes like Dyckman beer, Tom Ford makeup bundles, and large format historic prints of Inwood. Come enjoy some of the best coffee in the world for free, as well as tea, cider, and hot cocoa provided by Buunni coffee. Additional Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

Buunni Inwood: Latido Afrolab

Soulful pop piano and djembe groove with West African fire. Male and female voices soar with Afro-Latin heart and passion. Dance party with global flavor!

Our Band:

“Latido,” the Spanish word for heartbeat, drives the rhythm of our music — an encounter of percussive grooves, infectious melodies, and rich harmonies. This vibrant sound emerges from the dynamic synergy between Stefan Paolini’s pop-infused piano, and Lamine Thiam’s West African djembe and traditional songs. Both are heavily involved in the songwriting process, their hands dance together, Stefan conjuring harmonies and Lamine weaving in ancestral rhythms, whispering echoes of forgotten tales,

To this foundation, Xiomara adds her voice with melodies inspired by Spanish bolero and salsa, telling stories of love, longing, and evolution. The sound expands further as Vinnie’s electric guitar adds rock fire and echoes of his Italian heritage, while Elisa’s voice, born of soul and dance, offers a graceful counterpoint. Jessica’s harmonies add power and depth.

Each element, distinct yet inseparable, builds upon the other, blending into a groove that defies definition. It’s a global fusion, woven from threads of Africa, pop, and Latin soul, pulsing with the vibrant heartbeat of Latido. Come dance with us, let your heart join the rhythm!”


Stefan Paolini is a NYC-based singer, pianist, arranger, and educator who has taught and performed professionally for over 20 years. His influences include Western classical, rock, metal, pop, jazz, Latin, Hindustani, and West African musical traditions. He has performed at such diverse venues as Le Poisson Rouge, Joe’s Pub, Webster Hall, Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, and Minton’s Playhouse, as well as across the United States and Canada.

Lamine Thiam is a world-renowned dancer, choreographer, teacher, drummer, and actor from Senegal who specializes in cultivating West African Dance and maintaining his traditional homeland dance forms. His specializations are in dance art forms Sabar, Djembe, and Bourgarabou. Lamine is currently working in the play “Mandela” about Nelson Mandela, the untold story. He also teaches West African Traditional Dance at SUNY Purchase College.

Xiomara Niño is a music educator, songwriter, and journal artist originally from Bogotá, Colombia. She has been a music educator in New York City public schools for 13 years, and has served as choral conductor for the Washington Heights Youth Orchestra. She has performed in several choirs and enjoys creating engaging performances with her students. She plays guitar and piano, and is passionate about using music to connect with others and create a more beautiful world.

Elisa Toro Franky is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer, and bilingual voiceover artist from Colombia. She is currently based in New York City, where she performs as principal dancer with FJK Dance. Elisa has also toured nationally and internationally, and has performed at some of the most prestigious dance venues in the world, including Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and Battery Dance Festival. In addition to her dance career, Elisa is an experienced educator and has worked as Program Director of Accent Dance NYC, where she helped provide access to dance in underserved communities. She is also a passionate singer and has recently joined the band Latido as a vocalist.

Vincent Lo Verme is a professional guitarist, composer, arranger, music teacher and human rights activist from Queens, NY. He is a classically trained guitarist with a strength in improvisation and has performed with musical ensembles such as the Queens Guitar Society and The Kyle Tucker Band. He is also the creator of Marching Band Ng Bayan (a Filipino percussion ensemble). He has performed for a variety of charitable organizations such as Walter Kaner, the Arts on Third Festival, the Clearwater School Festival, and numerous engagements with NYCHRP (New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines). Vincent is passionate about bringing peace, unity and community through music with a concentration on social consciousness and artistic excellence.

Jessica Bauch is a New York City native, classically-trained soprano, conductor, and member of several renowned musical ensembles in the city including the NYC Labor Chorus. She spent most of her career teaching voice and conducting children’s ensembles in public schools before moving over to a current legal career where she serves on the Special Victims Bureau for a local DA. She has performed in some of New York City’s most prestigious venues including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and Bryant Park as both performer and conductor. She has recently joined Latido as a vocalist and is excited to create more joyful and inspiring music.