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Inwood Pumpkin Pageant 2018

The Inwood Pumpkin Pageant will return for its 5th year on Thurs, Nov 1 from 5-9 pm. Bring your post-Halloween pumpkin to Isham Park during the day, and our volunteers will line them up and light them at dusk. This free event is organized by local families and fun for all ages. We even compost the pumpkins afterwards with the help of the New York Restoration Project. Prize ribbons will be awarded in fun categories. Start thinking about those carving ideas now!

This is the 5th year for the event, which was inspired by similar “pumpkin parades” in Canada. The idea is that the night after Halloween, you take your carved pumpkin over to a community park for a big display of everyone’s creativity. It also is a great way to dispose of your pumpkin, as after the event we stack the pumpkins for composting and work with NYRP to send them to the compost heap. Since we have a great community park and a great community, the event is always fantastic!
You can see all sorts of photos from past years on our facebook page, http://facebook.com/inwoodpumpkinhttp://facebook.com/inwoodpumpkin

ALL jack-o-lanterns are welcome, no matter how big or small, and no matter whether you worked on your design with a butter knife or power tools. Just bring it to Isham Park on the evening of Nov 1 (we will have candles if you don’t have one already). Look to Target, Aldi, C-Town, Shop n Stop, BJs, the farmers’ market and other local places for pumpkins – just be sure not to carve them too soon. (You can google how to treat with a bleach solution if you carve them more than a week before Halloween but I suggest aiming for the weekend of the 27th-28th to carve!)

Please let others know about this event, especially any other family mailing lists you are on, neighborhood Facebook groups, or your local preschool or school bulletin board. The Pumpkin Pageant only works if we get lots of people and lots of pumpkins to attend!