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Historic Walking Tour: Sylvan Terrace & Washington Heights

From Willie Mays to John James Audubon to Thurgood Marshall to The Polo Grounds & Morris-Jumel Mansion, Washington Heights has always attracted New Yorkers.

Learn the history of the wooden houses on Sylvan Terrace and brief overview of Morris-Jumel Mansion. See the building Willie Mays lived in while playing for the Giants before they moved to San Francisco. Imagine where The Polo Grounds used to be and how New Yorkers from a century past attended baseball games there. Visit John James Audubon’s grave in Trinity Cemetery.

Join us for this 1 hour tour starting at Sylvan Terrace and learn about the history of this modern, thriving neighborhood, whose roots go back over 200 years.

(Bring your phone along for an interactive moment in baseball history!)

Note: The tour will begin and end at Morris-Jumel Mansion. We encourage you to go inside the Mansion and learn more extensively about it’s fascinating history. Tickets for the Mansion are not included.

Join us rain or shine!