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Opening for Gold Wing Gallery Sept.-Oct. Exhibit: ‘Prevailing Beauty’ Collages by Park McGinty,

The Gold Wing is pleased to invite the community to the September-October, 2017 exhibit – Prevailing Beauty – with collages by Park McGinty, z”l. The Gold Wing chose his luminous creations to accompany the Fall holy days of new beginnings and retrospection.    Park passed away in 2015 but his artwork lives on. To quote his friend and representative, Lisa Carillo, “His collage art treads between chaos and the sublime, often using repurposed objects and beautiful minerals to emphasize life’s cycles of disintegration and creations as he danced light and color in rising crescendos.  His artistic process was one of abdication:  In hundreds of choices, I surrender to the dictates of the glory of the materials until, in escalating beauty, imaginative worlds emerge.”

 Lisa Carillo will help us present his works at our artist’s opening reception Saturday, September 9th, following Sabbath Services, at approximately noon, until 1:30. All are invited to join the congregation before then for spiritual Sabbath services which begin at 10 am.
  This exhibit closes Friday, October 27th. Visit the gallery on M-W-F 9:30 – 4:30,  some evenings, and by appointment.

Art Opening: Leslie Jimenez and Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez at Word Up

A Thursday Exhibit brings together collective mates Leslie Jimenez and Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez, two local artists, in a collaborative effort to share their work with the community. A selection of their mostly black-and-white drawings on paper about the neighborhood will be on display. Using simple elements such as line and contrast – with materials such as pen, marker, thread, tape and spray paint – these artist aim to capture snapshots of their relationships with Uptown Manhattan. In addition, a mural will be drawn by the artists inside the space before the opening, and will remain on view through October 31.