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Exhibition: “Charles Addams, Family and Friends” at Morris-Jumel

Join us for our fall exhibition, Charles Addams: Family and Friends. Artwork from the famed New Yorker cartoonist will be on display throughout our 2nd floor gallery space, showcasing New Yorker covers, macabre daily life in New York City, and of course, The Addams Family.  Light refreshments are served.  Tickets are $15 General Admission, $10 for Morris-Jumel Members and Seniors.

Closing, Artist Talk, and Workshop for “Abre Caminos / Opening Paths” at Rio Penthouse Gallery

Closing,  artist talk, and workshop, “Making a Social Media Impact ” for the exhibition “Abre Caminos / Opening Paths,” a group exhibition that explores the transformative role of art.  Curator: Esperanza Cortés.   Featuring Antonia Guerrero, Juanita Lanzo, Leslie Jimenez, Sharese Ann Frederick, Luis Pagan, Bridget Kiley, Takashi Harada, Antonia Guerrero, Juanita Lanzo, Leslie Jimenez, Sharese Ann Frederick, Luis Pagan, Bridget Kiley, Takashi Harada, Jeff Elliott, Andrea Perez, Moses Ros, Yael Ben-Zion, Dato Mio, Vladimir Cybil Charlier, Eva Nikolova.

Inwood Art Works Gallery – Focus on Photography, through October 29

Gallery Hours: Thursdays 6-10pm; Fridays 6-10pm; Saturdays 12-8pm; Sunday’s 12-6pm.  Inwood, are you ready for your close-up?  Inwood Art Works presents Focus on Photography – a pop-up art exhibition celebrating the work of Inwood photographers and art that connects to the community’s vibrant uptown culture.   This curated exhibition will run October 5-29.  Featured artists: Robert and Robbie Bailey, Bruce Katz, Stephen Mallon, Tom Okada, Luis Pons, Cristobal Vivar, and Robert Wagner.

Inwood Art Works Gallery is a pop-up in a raw space that expands public access to professional visual arts in Northern Manhattan, and presents as diverse an array of art as the community it serves. Focus on Photography is curated by Inwood Art Works, Aaron Simms, Founding Executive Producer.  In addition to, and during, the exhibition, Inwood Art Works will also be presenting visual artist panels, live entertainment, artist brunches, and a cinema series at the gallery space. An announcement of the full programming calendar is forthcoming at www.inwoodartworks.nyc

Peter Hoffmeister’s “(Bill)Board” Pictures Dollar Bills As Public Space

14×48 is pleased to announce its first billboard in the 2017-2018 season, (Bill)board, by artist PETER J. HOFFMEISTER. The billboard will be installed at 174th Street and Broadway in Washington Heights.  Paradoxically, you do not own the money in your wallet. You own the value the money in your wallet represents, but you do not own the physical paper. In this way, paper currency is a type of abstracted public space in that it is a shared material created to hypothetically facilitate cooperation and exchange between individuals.

We use money everyday, but hardly look at it. By presenting this image on a NYC billboard, Hoffmeister hopes to reacquaint visitors with something we all share. The value paper money represents is a double-edged sword; it is a force that can be harnessed for the benefit of a majority, or the greed of a minority.

The billboard image is a scan of a twenty-dollar bill, chosen for its engraving of the White House. As the bill was scanned, glitches were formed by moving it in a specific pattern, suggesting a malfunction of the bill while also pointing toward a transformative force acting upon it.

To expand upon the visual impact of the billboard, Hoffmeister developed a companion piece called Withdraw Your Support.  It consists of an unlimited edition of fake twenty-dollar bill “sizzle cards.” Instead of using the reverse of the fake bill as a space for advertising, the words “Withdraw Your Support” are written. The assumed monetary value of the fake bill is replaced by a message meant to call upon the public consciousness.  These will be periodically dropped on sidewalks in the vicinity of (Bill)board and in New York City generally, where unsuspecting passersby will encounter them.

About the Artist

Peter Hoffmeister is an artist, living and working in New York City, who engages contemporary socio-political issues through research-based projects and site-specific interventions.  He received his BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2007 and his MFA from Hunter College in 2017.  His work has been shown in a diverse array of venues, including a historic house museum, an elevator, and a church.

About 14×48

14×48 repurposes vacant billboards as public art space in order to create more opportunities in public art for emerging artists, to challenge emerging artists to engage more with public art, and to enliven the vibrancy of our urban environment. www.14×48.org