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Inwood Art Works 2024 INWOOD FILM FESTIVAL

Long Shorts: Uptown – Criminal Intent | Short films under 25 minutes | Sunday, 1:05pm

(60 minutes total screening time, plus special post-screening conversation with filmmakers)

Honest Work
Honest Work (Student Film), directed by Kermis Batista

A chance encounter between a vulnerable hipster and a charismatic hustler goes awry when a vial of white powder gets involved. Set against the pulsating background of an underground music show, Honest Work is a darkly comic look into the pits of hedonistic pursuit.

On Point
On Point (Student Film), directed by Christian Schifano

On a summer night in Harlem, Amy and Natalie wait for an Uber to go to a party downtown. While they wait, Amy enters a bodega to buy a vape where she is suddenly interrupted by a man who feels he has a point to prove.

Mangu Aqui 2
Mangu Aqui 2, directed by Luke Bond

We follow Roberto during his teen years in New York City where he faces different obstacles.


Robin Hood | Feature Film | Sunday, 3:35pm

(Student Film from Pied Piper Children’s Theater, 60 minutes, plus a special post-screening conversation with filmmakers, Joe and Leslie Burby)

Robin Hood
Directed by Leslie Kincaid Burby

In this retelling of the ancient legend, you’ll meet Robin, Marian, Will Scarlett, Friar Tuck, and the merry band as you’ve never seen them before. Can this clever band of thieves with hearts of gold foil the Sheriff of Nottingham and his men in their evil plans, and bring peace and prosperity to Sherwood?


2024 Awards for Excellence in Filmmaking | Sunday, 5:00pm | FREE, all are welcome!

Join us in the Theater following the final screening on Sunday for the announcement of the Inwood Film Festival’s Awards for Excellence in Filmmaking.

Inwood Art Works 2024 INWOOD FILM FESTIVAL

Check Please, directed by Victor Mignatti, Scott T. Hinson

Check Please, with its playful nod to silent comedies, is a very short short that recounts an IRL flirtation gone the way of the dating app.

Self Love
Self Love, directed by Montgomery Sutton

Based on Shakespeare’s Sonnet 62, a celebrity explores the extremes of her own self-love on a journey to discover what truly matters to her.

The Pillow Case
The Pillow Case, directed by Elias R Connolly

Two roommates struggle to sleep in the middle of the night, oblivious to the nefarious presence that is among them.

Hairpiece, directed by Jamie Ruddy

Two kids knock off their father’s toupee in a pillow fight and believe they murdered him. Based on a true story about a dysfunctional family in 1983.

Bald, directed by Andrew Sanford

Is there a connection between hair and identity? Bald is a short film about one woman’s journey of self-acceptance.

The Late Set
The Late Set, directed by Bren Patrick Burke

In the wake of the pandemic, a jazz musician struggles to win back the affections of a former bandmate who’s life and career have moved on.

Josh and Lyla go to Dinner
Josh and Lyla go to Dinner, directed by Dylan Tuccillo

Their first date begins like any other, but ends in a free-for-all of embarrassing truths.

This is Inwood
This is Inwood, directed by Carlos V Lample

A born and bred New Yorker takes you on a personal and historical tour of the Inwood/Washington Heights neighborhoods of NYC.

Solitude, directed by Yuyun Xiaoping MacAllister, Iryna Ignatenko

A study on paranoia goes awry, leading to a sinister delve into the thoughts and anxieties of the subject.

The Duplicate
The Duplicate, directed by Hamilton Beck

While taking a stroll in the rain, a woman is followed by a familiar face.

Inwood Art Works 2024 INWOOD FILM FESTIVAL

Seminar: Budgeting, or Telling Story of your Film through Numbers

Saturday, 12:05pm (Pay-what-you-can). Appropriate for beginners and professionals.
Before you make your movie, you need make a budget! Do you know how to tell the story of your film through numbers? Join Founder and Executive Producer of Inwood Art Works, Aaron Simms, as he shares the essential financial considerations all filmmakers need to account for before they shoot their first frame.


Long Shorts: Dancing Beyond the Boundaries of Realty | Saturday, 1:35pm

(45 minutes total screening time, plus a special post-screening filmmaker conversation)

Resurrection, directed by Anna Tan

Filmed in J. Hood Wright Park located in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, this film portrays the jarring reality of integrating back into society in a search to find “normalcy” after isolating and quarantining during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. What was once mundane and routine may suddenly feel uncomfortable and unsettling, especially in navigating boundaries in both the public and private spheres. Nevertheless, this piece also seeks to provide a sense of hopefulness and optimism in that our communities will continue to be resilient and thrive.

Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony, directed by Manon Manavit

An experimental dance film that invites viewers to interpret it as if it were a dream. It revolves around a chance encounter between a dancer and a businessman in New York City, a portal that opens them to new experiences, and the bizarre characters they encounter along the way, inspired by the free-wheeling and spontaneous style of French New Wave cinema. Starring Rishi Mukherjee and Sloka Iyengar, with an original musical score by Matt Burkett. Dance director: Julia Bengtsson. Get ready for a wild ride!

The Gorgon Cycles
The Gorgon Cycles, directed by Miles Inada, Devyn McConachie, Tessa Brinckman

The Gorgon Cycles is an animated fever dream – an intricately layered invocation for the return of the long-banished visionary, Medusa. Built around a mesmerizing original score for alto flute and electronica, with a supporting cast of fish, snakes, dinosaurs, a cat, a monkey, and a magician, The Gorgon Cycles is a statement of violent optimism –- a contemplation of life on the brink of global catastrophe.

Stay With Me
Stay With Me, directed by Ben Stamper

Inspired by Internal Family Systems therapy, this film follows one urbanite encountering their disassociation, anxiety, workaholism, and depression personified. This individual draws near to each hurting part through the award-winning lens of film-maker Ben Stamper.

Inwood Art Works 2024 INWOOD FILM FESTIVAL

Get to Eleven | Feature Film | Friday, 7:00pm

(60 minutes, plus a special post-screening conversation with filmmakers Padraic Lillis and David Quay.)

Get to Eleven
Directed by Dave Quay

Based on Padraic Lillis’ award-winning one man show, Get to Eleven blends live performance elements with narrative cinematic storytelling in an intimate conversation about suicide, addiction and the importance of sharing stories in our darkest moments.

On stage in performance, among friends in conversation, and in the streets and subways of New York City, Padraic offers his own story, and empowers his audiences to deepen their own relationship with life, mental health, and mortality.


Long Shorts: IFF Filmmaker Fund Shorts | Friday, 8:35pm

(77 minutes total screening time with post-screening filmmaker conversation and reception featuring Inwood Filmmaker Fund grantees.)

This is Jane
This is Jane. See Jane…, directed by Keena Gonzalez

In a world where women are second class citizens and sex education is no longer taught in school, Jane finds herself having to make the biggest decision of her life. There are only two choices – each having a consequence young Jane is unprepared to face.

Alternate Side Parking
Alternate Side Parking, directed by Timothy Koch

On Isham Street, at Broadway, in the Inwood neighborhood of Upper Manhattan, Alternate Side Parking rules are in effect on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:30am to 1:00pm. This is a story about those parked cars, and the people who move them.

Condos, directed by Dileepan Ganesan

Having received a sizable sum in a settlement from a construction accident, Gary decides to invest in a surefire money making scheme – real estate! But his endeavors get sidetracked by a steadfast obstacle – the long standing resident Melinda. Who will win in battle for the most prized New York City possession – the rent controlled apartment!

Nana, directed by Hillary Carrigan

A standing Sunday lunch is born after Nana invites herself to her granddaughter’s fifth floor walk-up.

Puerto Rican Jew
Puerto Rican Jew, directed by Louis Carrasco

A man finds out he is half Jewish after taking a DNA test

Inwood Art Works 2024 INWOOD FILM FESTIVAL, Seminar

Seminar: SAG-AFTRA Contracts for the Indie Creator

Friday, 4:00-4:45pm (Pay-what-you-can).
Learn the contracts available to you through SAG-AFTRA to empower you to make your film. Members of the SAG-AFTRA New York Local offer their expertise in everything contracts, budgeting, and creation. Q&A to follow.

Jewish after taking a DNA test.