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UPTOWN ARTS STROLL: Inwood History at Inwood Farm Restaurant

Story of the Wading Place, W.230th @ Broadway


It’s almost summer. For some of us, that means a trip to Baskin-Robbins at the corner of 230th and Broadway. But that particular streetcorner has a story far more epic than just a double scoop of Jamoca almond fudge. For millenia it was the only place where, at low tide, you could walk to Manhattan from the mainland. People called it the WADING PLACE, and it just might be the most historic geographic spot in the neighborhood.

Indigenous people, Dutch settlers, enslaved Africans, founding fathers, Lords, ladies, soldiers, mercenaries, secret agents, and even industrialists played a role in shaping its story.

This month at LOST INWOOD we’re honored to welcome guest speaker Nick Dembowski, president of the Kingsbridge Historical Society. Nick will tell us why 230th and Broadway, the site of the Wading Place, is such an important location in the neighborhood. Mind = blown!

So please join us Tuesday June 4th 7:30PM at the INWOOD FARM. It’s a free presentation. Reservations are recommended.