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Yager Esthetics | Estética hosts yGallery

Due to hurricane Maria we have postponed yGallery for November 3. If you can, please donate to https://handinhand2017.com/.   yGallery will feature a live band and one-of-a-kind art pieces from fourteen talented Latino artists including Whitney Museum featured artist Celestino Junior Ortiz. RSVP by October 25, 2017 to EVENTS@DRYAGER.COM

yGallery presentará un grupo vivo y las piezas de arte peculiares de catorce artistas Latinos talentosos incluyendo al artista destacado Celestino Júnior Ortiz de whitney Museum. RSVP hacia el 25 de octubre de 2017 a EVENTS@DRYAGER.

Kristian Glynn: Garbage Bouquet at Gitler &_____

Gitler &_____ is pleased to present the latest solo exhibition from painter and mixed media artist Kristian Glynn, entitled Garbage Bouquet. This show is composed of new wall-mounted paper-based assemblages, wherein text and figures are interchangeable forms within the tightly bound landscapes, and the intricacies of Glynn’s fractured narratives become pure fodder for the wayward soul. Garbage Bouquet opens October 26 and will run through November 26, 2017.

The artist has oft described his work as “hovering somewhere between light and dark, dreams and nightmares, conscious and unconscious.” The building blocks of these new pieces are a combination of recycled, reused and new paper, as well as found materials, card stock, and cigarette filters. Somewhat appropriately, the artist appears to be wrestling with combinations of conflicting emotions that romanticize the past and lament the present (or the exact opposite), forming layers both figurative and literal.

Glynn’s subjects are composed of forms that on the surface appear sensual, elegant, grotesque, or abstract; the sum of its parts is visceral, and cast in a range of colors – from pastels to charcoal black – that make each collective scene oddly inviting.

The artist wears his vulnerability proudly; he heightens it with lyrical commands and modifiers and desperate pleas that together form these personal Babels. Glynn’s themes of love, loss and loneliness re-occur, “and yet are not resolved,” he says. “Each moment is small and discrete, and is interconnected to the point of repetition.” For what is life other than the act of visiting and revisiting those emotions, instincts and inclinations that make us what we are, tussling with one another for supremacy, and yet never managing to find closure? 


Gitler &_____ is located at 3629 Broadway in Hamilton Heights, NYC. The gallery is dedicated to showcasing rising artists from around the world. For more info visit www.gitlerand.com